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Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1864 - May 3 2013

Amateur Radio Newsline report number 1864 with a release
date of May 3  2013 to follow in 5-4-3-2-1.

The following is a QST.  Region One of the International
Amateur Radio Union meets in Vienna; a coalition of groups
announces its attempting to arrange a DXpedition to North
Korea; the exemption for ham radio remains as part of
Hawaii's new distracted driving law; lots more news on the
upcoming Dayton Hamvention and NASA to launch mission to
study Equatorial electric storm propagation.  Find out the
details are on Amateur Radio NewslineT report number 1864
coming your way right now.

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IARU Region 1 held its Interim Meeting in Vienna Austria the
weekend of April 20th through the 21st.  Jeremy Boot, G4NJH,
of the RSGB news reports:


H-F topics included preparations for the WRC15, which
includes the possibility of a worldwide amateur allocation
at 5MHz.  Other proposals included trying to align some of
the High Frequency band plans between Regions and the
DXpedition Code of Conduct.

A number of other papers covered contest matters, support
for newcomers via scouting's Jamboree on the Air, operation
of unmanned stations, and discussions on a possible band
plan for the new 472 to 479 kHz amateur allocation.

For VHF and microwaves, there were a total of 34 papers
covered technical, operating, band planning and contest
matters.  Areas of focus were improvements to IARU contests
and accommodating digital voice, beacon and TV developments.

Band plans at 4m, 2m and 70cm came under particular
scrutiny. Pressure on spectrum, notably at 2.3GHz, was also
discussed. Several topics are expected to be further
developed in time for the next Region 1 Conference in the
autumn of 2014.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Jeremy Boot. G4NJH,
reporting from Nottingham in the United Kingdom.


The minutes and recommendations of the Interim Meeting will
be published shortly, once approved by the Region 1
Executive Committee.
(IARU - R1, GB2RS)



A well known group of DX'ers say that they are working on
getting permission to operate from North Korea which is the
most wanted DXCC entity in the world.  Amateur Radio
Newsline's Cheryl Lasek, K9BIK, reports:


The Intrepid-DX Group, in partnership with the World-Wide DX
Group says that for the past four years that they have been
working with professionals in the business and tourism
industries who are actively doing business in North Korea.

In a widely circulated press statement the organizations
note that they have prepared a comprehensive, multi-faceted
proposal, which has been delivered it to the North Korean
officials via their emissary located in Chinese.  Also that
several members of the combined groups leadership and
advisory team have made multiple visits to the region and
are advising the overall groups accordingly.

The DXers say that they are using the same techniques that
were successful in opening up Kurdistan, the South Sudan and
Yemen to DXpedition activity.  They add that they are
leveraging their ideas and contacts towards the goal of a
major DXpedition over a four week period from within the
North Korea border. As we go to air, no date for such an
operation to take place has even been speculated.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Cheryl Lasek, K9BIK, in
Zion, Illinois.


We will have more DX related news later on in this weeks
Amateur Radio Newsline report.  (Intrepid-DX Group release)



House Bill 980, dealing with mobile cellular telephone law
for the State of Hawaii that contains an exemption for
mobile ham radio operation has been transmitted to the
Governor and is awaiting his signature.

Like many other states, the new law in Hawaii states that no
person shall operate a motor vehicle while using a mobile
electronic device, however the use of a mobile electronic
device for the sole purpose of making a "911" emergency
communication is permitted.  The Hawaii law provides that no
person under eighteen years of age can operate a motor
vehicle while utilizing even a hands-free mobile electronic
device, except, once again for the sole purpose of making a
"911" emergency call.

According to Ron Hashiro, AH6RH, in addition to radio
amateurs, also exempted from the law will be emergency
responders using a mobile electronic device while in the
performance of their official duties and those operating
under FCC Part 90 Land Mobile Radio rules.

Not exempted are those using Family Radio Service, users of
the General Mobile Radio Service, Citizens Band radio
operators, marine radio, the aviation band, text messaging
and of coarse those making non emergency calls using hand
held cellular telephone.

Penalties include a fine of not less than $100 and not more
than $200 for a first violation.  A second violation within
that occurs within one year brings with it a fine of not
less than $200 and not more than $300.  For a violation that
occurs within two years of two prior violations and for the
fourth and each subsequent violation regardless of when they
were committed, a fine of not less than $300 and not more
than $500 can be assessed.

If signed by the Governor, the new Hawaii distracted driving
law will take effect on July 1st.  The full text is on the
web at  (AH6RH via Facebook
and other published news reports)



Boston officials did use cellphone text messages, known as
Wireless Emergency Alerts in the aftermath of the marathon
bombings.  That's according to Rick Wimberly of alerting
consultancy Galain Solutions.

The former broadcaster and current consultant to FEMA told
Radio World that the Massachusetts Emergency Management
Agency or MEMA has the ability and authority to issue
imminent threat Wireless Emergency Alerts messages and did
do on April 19th.  Specifically, MEMA issued a shelter-in-
place order, by tweeting out a message to that effect.

According to Wimberly, Wireless Emergency Alerts complement
EAS system because the text messages remind users to tune in
to their local broadcast stations for more detailed
information.  Whether or not the EAS system itself was
placed into formal use in the marathon bombing aftermath is
still open to debate.  (RW)



FCC commissioner Ajit Pai says that if the FCC proceeds to
count some Joint Sales Agreements toward local TV station
ownership caps, it would be an error.  This is because Pai
believes that the Commission must treat broadband as a
complement, not replacement, for broadcast use of spectrum.

His remarks came in a recent speech to the Media Institute.
In it, Pai wants the FCC to loosen the local ownership
rules, and found it amazing that the proposal currently on
the table would tighten them by adding the Joint Sales
Agreements and possibly shared service agreements.

Pai pointed to a Joint Sales Agreement between two stations
in his home state of Kansas.  There, a Univision affiliate
and an Entravision station were able to create the only
Spanish-language newscast in the state.  Another he cited
was in Missouri between the broadcasters Nexstar and Mission
that allowed for expanded news coverage.

A Joint Sales Agreement sometimes known as a Limited Sales
Agreement is an agreement in which one company agrees to
operate a radio or television station owned by
another license holder.  In essence, it is a sort
of lease or time-buy arrangement.  (Multichannel News,



From the United States of America, We are the Amateur Radio
Newsline, heard on bulletin stations around the world
including the KC8LMI repeater serving Aurelius, Michigan.

(5 sec pause here)



An Internet radio summit is coming to Europe next month.
Amateur Radio Newsline's Jeff Clark, K8JAC, has the details:


Internet radio executives from across Europe will meet in
Brussels on Thursday, May 23rd for the second annual RAIN
Summit Europe.  This is according to Kirk Hansen who is the
publisher of the RAIN Radio and Internet newsletter.

RAIN Summit Europe will take place at the Hotel Bloom.  The
conference will be a daylong event featuring panels and
presentations along with speakers and other opportunities
for European networking executives to consider the future of
radio in the digital world.

RAIN conferences are educational and networking events for
the Internet radio and on-line audio industries.  For the
past decade these conferences have been presented several
times each year in North America and feature top speakers
and panelists from around the world.

I'm Jeff Clark, K8JAC.


For those who may be wondering these conferences are not in
any way connected with Hap Holly, KC9RP's weekly RAIN Report
based in Chicago.



Turning to regulatory enforcement, word that the full
commission has upheld a decision by the Enforcement Bureau
and has ruled that Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting owes $17,000
for violations of the agency's EAS and public file rules.

Earlier, the bureau denied the company's 2011 petition to
reconsider the fine levied for failing to ensure the
operational readiness of the station's EAS gear, failing to
maintain a complete public inspection file for stations and
failing to operate the Studio to Transmitter Link from its
licensed location.

Now in its final judgment in this matter the full Commission
says that Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting did not dispute the
facts or that the violations took place.  Rather that the
broadcaster had only substantially reiterated all of the
arguments previously considered and rejected.  The FCC also
noted that Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting did not demonstrate
that the Enforcement Bureau made an error in its findings.
Nor did it provide financial documentation to support its
repeated request that the fine be reduced or eliminated.

The full commission upheld the Enforcement Bureau's original
order and said payment is due within 15 days.  In the
meantime, the government filed a complaint in federal
district court against Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting to recover
the money. That case will be dismissed if the licensee makes
the payment, according to the agency.

Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting is the licensee of KRAL-AM, KIQZ-
FM, and Studio to Transmitter link WHB734, in Rawlins,
Wyoming.  (FCC, RW)



One of the nation's best known manufacturers of broadcast
and two-way antenna systems, transmission lines and
associated products is closing its doors.  Amateur Radio
Newsline's Skeeter Nash, N5ASH, reports:


SPX Communications Technologies, formerly Dielectric
Communications, will cease its broadcast television, radio
and wireless antenna manufacturing operations effective June
29th.  Dielectric as it is still better known had already
begun letting customers know that it plans to get out of the
antenna business.

The company was started in 1942 as Dielectric Products
Corp., which specialized in developing transmission lines
for wartime radar system use.  The company has been located
in Raymond ME since 1954.  It installed its first Digital TV
broadcast antenna in 1994 and provided more than 1200
broadcasters with Digital Television transmission solutions.

SPX acquired Dielectric in 2001.  According to the CGC
Communicator, over the years Dielectric produced some of the
finest broadcast antennas made in the United States, and its
closure represents a significant blow to U.S. manufacturing

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Skeeter Nash, N5ASH.


More on the shuttering of this historic company is on the
web at  (RW, CGC)



Eton Corporation has a new product that may well be of
interest to hams involved in emergency response operations
or those who live in regions where getting accurate
emergency alerts are a necessity.

Called the ZoneGuard, it is a portable battery-powered AM/FM
radio that receives NOAA weather and Specific Area Message
Encoding or S.A.M.E. local emergency messages.  The
ZoneGuard radio will also flash an internal 3 level High-
visibility color alert light bar and emit warning sounds
when local warning messages are activated.  On top of that,
it is also programmable so multiple geographic areas can be
programmed into it for emergency message reception.  Best of
all is the price for this little gem at under $40 street and
available where most consumer electronics are sold.

And less we forget, the radio also carries a Red Cross
identification brand on it and a portion of sales profits
goes to that organization.  (RW)



The Spring 2013 edition of The 5MHz Newsletter is now
available for free download.  This edition features news
about 5 MHz amateur band allocations, the latest update of
the Worldwide Amateur 5 MHz Allocations Chart, plus stories
on 5 MHz Web Software Defined Radios and much more.  You can
download your copy at
(GM4WO, Southgate)



The 18th annual Four Days in May the QRP and Homebrew mini-
convention held concurrently with the Dayton Hamvention
beginning on Thursday May 16th.  The venue is once again the
Holiday Inn located in Fairborn, Ohio which is just about
twenty minutes to the east of the Hara Arena.

Guest speakers this year feature Roy Lewallen W7EL, Rick
Campbell KK7B and George Dobbs G3RJV, and others.  Thursday
evening will include a presentation from Ten-Tec at which
there will be a new product announcement.  Events on
Thursday and Friday evenings are free of charge.  More
information along with tickets for the seminars, the
Buildathon and Grand Banquet can be bought online at  (W4DU, G4GXL)



Bill Moore, NC1L, says that the ARRL Awards Staff will be
present at the 2013 Dayton Hamvention to check applications
for all ARRL awards.  These include DXCC, WAS, VUCC, WAC and
the Extra Class Certificate.

A detailed PDF file is available to help guide you through
the card checking process so that everything proceeds
smoothly at  If, after
reviewing the PDF file and you have questions, send an e-
mail to Bill Moore, NC1L, at bmoore(at)arrl(dot)org.  (NC1L)



A Technician level Ham Radio Class will be held at the
Dayton Hamvention on Saturday, May 18th.

The session runs from 9AM until 4PM and will be held at the
Hara Arena Hamvention venue.  Immediately following the
conclusion of the class a team of Volunteer Examiners will
be on-hand to administer the Technician class exam.

You must pre-register for the class and yes, there is
homework. Info on what's in the class and how to enroll can
be found at

Interested students should not delay as there is limited
room and once the class fills, enrollment will be closed.

The class will be again sponsored by Mitch Stern, W1SJ. If
you have any questions please contact him at

Stern tells Amateur Radio Newsline that this will be his 4th
year of providing these classes at the Dayton Hamvention but
that he has actually been teaching 1 and 2 days classes for
21 years.  (W1SJ)



Barry Gose, W9FIZ, who had previously announced a number of
free services at Hamvention 2013 has been forced to cancel a
few of them.  This after he was advised by a fellow ham who
is an attorney that since he is not licensed, bonded, or
insured to test electronic equipment that he would be
exposing himself self to considerable liability.  Gose says
that based on this that he will not be unable to offer any
service that involves testing electronic devices of any kind
in any way shape or form.  However, W9FIZ still plans to
attend and both his free advertisement board and 2 meter
paging service will still be available.



This is ham radio news for today's radio amateur.  From the
United States of America, We are the Amateur Radio Newsline
with links to the world from our only official website at and being relayed by the volunteer
services of the following radio amateur:

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The changing of the guard in our world of amateur radio
continues with the sad news of the passing of our longtime
friend and colleague Joseph J. "Joe" Schroeder, Jr. W9JUV on
Tuesday, April 30th.  Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, is here with
more on the life of this truly dedicated ham radio operator:


When he passed away at age 83, Joe Schroeder, W9JUV, was
perhaps best known as the founding editor of the weekly H-R
Report newsletter published in the 1970's by Ham Radio
Magazine.  This was the first independent amateur radio news
source other than the ARRL's W1AW broadcasts and its
Directors Letters.  In addition to HR Report, Joe was also a
member of the Ham Radio Magazine editorial staff from its
inception and continued with it for many years.  He also
served as a reporter for this news service during its
formative days as the Westlink Radio News.

Joe was licensed as W9JUV since 1946.  An accomplished DXer,
he was active on all bands from 160 meters through 432 MHz.
His ham radio achievements included being on the DXCC Honor
Roll since early 1970's; achieving 6 Meter DXCC, Worked All
Continents and Worked All States.

W9JUV was a life Member ARRL, AMSAT and the QCWA.  Over the
years he had held various positions with ARRL, AMSAT and the
Old Old Timers Club.  He was also a member of the PJ2T
Contesting Group, the Northern Illinois DX Association, and
the Radio Club of America.

Professionally W9JUV was a former Motorola engineer and
Managing Editor of Electronic Instrument Digest magazine.
He was the founder of the Chicago area-based firm Consultek
Consulting as well as being an authority on firearms history
and gun collecting.  In the latter he was the owner of
Handgun Press Publishing Co. and wrote or edited many books
and articles in that field.  A private pilot since 1956 he
was also active with Civil Air Patrol.

And less I forget to mention, Joe was a close friend of this
reporter for the better part of 40 years and will never be
forgotten.  There are some special people who touch ones
life, and for me, Joe Schroeder, W9JUV, ranks at the very

I'm Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, in Los Angeles.


Joe Schroeder, W9JUV is survived by his wife of 55 years
Janet, N9LGI; his son Brad, daughter Elizabeth Anderluh and
two grandchildren.  Speaking for the family, Joe's daughter
Elizabeth says that a memorial service will be held for him
at some point in the near future.  In lieu of flowers,
memorials may be made to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,
651 W. Washington Blvd., Suite 400, Chicago, Illinois  60661
or Cal's Angels, 721 Aston Lane South, Elgin, Illinois
60177.  (ARNewslineT)



Members of the First Class CW Operators Club will take to
the air in May with many using special calls.  This to
celebrate the 75th anniversary of that organization.

Nearly 50 special FOC suffix calls, and 6 calls with unique
prefixes will be on the bands throughout the month.  The
special call GB75FOC will be activated by a group of English
members each day in May and special versions of the club
call G4FOC will be used in non-English U.K. countries.  In
addition, the call M0RSE will be on the air as well.

An FOC 75 award will be available at the three levels of
bronze, silver and gold. For full information about the
award as well as QSL routing to stations involved in this
celebration, simply take your web browser to
and then follow the link to FOC 75th Anniversary.   (KR3E)



Now here' a rather interesting one.  A special event station
signing LZ2013KM will be activated by members of Bulgarian
Federation of Radio Amateurs between May 1st and the 31st.

This operation is to celebrate a national holiday known as
St. Cyril and Methodius day.  Operation will be on all the
High Frequency bands with QSL's going only via the LZ

And who were St. Cyril and Methodius you ask?  Well they
were the creators of the Cyrillic alphabet, and we thought
you might like to know.  (Z1BJ)



In DX, JA9LSZ is reported as being currently active from
Nepal as 9N7SZ.  His operation is on the High Frequency
bands only.  If you work him please QSL to JA9LSZ.

According to SQ8X posting on the FT5XM Web page the group
hopes to set sail for Amsterdam Island on January 15, 2014
and arrive on the 24th.  Landing operations will begin as
soon as the sea conditions and weather allow.  Once the team
is ashore, they will have 18 days to set up, conduct the
DXpedition, and tear down for departure.  You can follow
developments at

JJ8DEN was to be active from Puka Puka Atoll in French
Polynesia From April 30th through May 7th.  This will be
followed by an operation from Raivavae Island in the Austral
Island group as KH0PR stroke FO from May 8th to the 15th.
He will be active on High Frequency bands using CW , RTTY
and PSK.  QSL via JJ8DEN.

Members of the Dutch Society of Radio Amateurs will be
active as 9H25 from Qawra, Malta between May 20th and June
4th.  This in celebration of the groups 25th Holiday
DXpedition to that nation.  Operations will be on 80 through
6 meters using CW and SSB. QSL via PI4KGL

Lastly, a DXpedition made up of members of the Oceania DX
Group will activate Norfolk Island as VK9NT between May 3rd
and the 13th.  They plan to have 4 stations covering 80
through 10 meters operating CW, SSB and RTTY.  An "Online
QSL Request Service" will be available for bureau, and
direct cards on ClubLog which is the preferred method.  If
for some reason you cannot use the ClubLog or Logbook of the
World, paper QSL can go direct to VK2CA.

(Above from various DX news sources)



And finally this wee, a NASA funded sounding rocket mission
will launch from an atoll in the Pacific in the next few
weeks to help scientists better understand and predict the
electrical storms in Earth's upper atmosphere.  These severe
weather outbursts can interfere with satellite
communication, the global positioning system and other space-
based communications including some used by radio amateurs.

The mission is called EVEX which stands for the Equatorial
Vortex Experiment.  It will consist of the launch two
rockets from the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands for
a twelve minute information gathering journey through the
equatorial ionosphere above the South Pacific.  The twin
spacecraft will measure events in two separate regions of
the ionosphere to see how they work together to drive the
ionosphere from placid and smooth to violently disturbed.
Such information could ultimately lead to the ability to
more accurately forecast this important aspect of space
related weather.

The launch window for EVEX runs through May 10th.  More on
this propagation study mission is on-line at
(Space Daily)



With thanks to Alan Labs, AMSAT, the ARRL, the CGC
Communicator, CQ Magazine, the FCC, the Ohio Penn DX
Bulletin, Radio Netherlands, Rain, the RSGB, the Southgate
News, TWiT-TV and Australia's WIA News, that's all from the
Amateur Radio NewslineT.  Our e-mail address is newsline
(at) arnewsline (dot) org.  More information is available at
Amateur Radio Newsline'sT only official website located at  You can also write to us or support us
at Amateur Radio NewslineT, 28197 Robin Avenue, Santa
Clarita California, 91350

A reminder that the nominating period for the 2013 Amateur
Radio Newsline Young Ham of the Year Award is now open.
Full details and a nominating form are on our website at

For now, with Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, at the editors' desk,
I'm Jim Davis, W2JKD, on Frorida's Sunshine Coast saying 73
and we thank you for listening.

Amateur Radio NewslineT is Copyright 2013.  All rights

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